New Website and a Giveaway!

Hello and welcome to my brand new website!!

This is a long time coming. A long, roller coaster ride, if I'm being honest! (And I'm always being honest around here.) But I am absolutely thrilled with how my new website turned out! This is nowhere near the direction I thought I'd be headed when I started this project over 7 months ago, but through a string of events and creative ebbs and flows, here it is. 

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12 Days of Joy - Day 10 | (re)generation Refurbished Soda Crate

Today's giveaway item was donated by another local small business, (re)generation. (re)generation is owned by two work at home mom's who refurnish furniture pieces and other unique gems. I discovered this company less than a month ago on Facebook and I spent about 30 minutes just perusing their items! I LOVE them - I immediately contacted them about being involved with the 12 Days of Joy and they were quick to hop on board. I love when small businesses work together to bless their customers! :)

If you are not following (re)generation on Facebook yet and you live locally, go Like their page! They list new items to their FB page frequently and they sell FAST. That's because they are super affordable and full of character!

(re)generation giveaway

And today's giveaway? I totally wanted to buy it at their last sale!! It's really hard to give it away, especially because it's sitting in my living room right now full of Sundays toys from the mini photo shoot I just did with it. But I am going to do the right thing and put it out here for grabs. :) I hope it goes to a home of someone who will CHERISH it!!

So fun! Good luck - the giveaway ends tonight at midnight and the winner will be announced tomorrow morning!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

------------ UPDATE: The WINNER is Katie Kelliher!! Congratulations!!------------