2014 Goal Setting, Pt. 2

So yesterday I wrote about all the things I experienced and learned in 2013. There were a lot more - obviously - but I did keep some things private. :) Continuing with Lara’s Powersheets, today I am moving on to the next steps of the Goal Setting process: Defining my word for 2014 and Deciding what my Radical Goals will be. As I make the list of goals, I am thinking about big goals that require a lot of small steps. But these are steps I plan to start making today. I don’t know that I will achieve all of the big goals this year, but making small steps throughout the year gets me closer than I am today. And that’s what I’m all about! 

So, first. My word for 2014 is LESS.

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Simple Living: Essential Oils

I have heard about essential oils for years. I've bought them for various uses, but for a long time I never really understood how I could use them beyond specific recipes. If I'm being honest here, I've continually found what is commonly shared around the internet about using essential oils seems to be, at best, generic information. General statements that, when someone feels clueless about a topic, seem helpless.

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