Published: 2013 Clutch Wedding Issue

The new Clutch: A Bride's Guide to Have and to Hold is here!! We've (the area wedding industry) been all a-buzz waiting for the new Clutch wedding issue to come out! I'm so honored to have my work featured in the magazine again! This time, Shea & Jessica's wedding was featured as a Real Wedding and my images were also featured in a couple of the ads throughout the magazine. Yeah! It's truly an honor when a company wants to use your photos to represent their best face in a magazine! Ah... sorry for all the exclamation points. I'm just so excited! :) Check it out:

OH - and Bliss! Is coming up! March 3, 2013. I'll be presenting another session again and am really looking forward to being a part of the day! 

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back to school - from the clutch guide | published

I am kind of in love with paper. Like... all things paper. Especially pretty paper. I am that person that picks up a brochure or a marketing card just because it is pretty... even though I have no need for the service or product listed on the card. Oh yes. And I know I am not the only one who does it. Because... ladies... have you seen the clutch guide around town? I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't because everyone keeps taking them off of the shelves! I am so excited... so proud... so honored... to share with you all this new publication in town.

It... is... beautiful!!

the clutch guide - the girl's guide to everything essential

I am both honored to have my work featured in this debut publication and proud to be a part of this new resource for women.

And even more exciting...! Today my Back to School bag shoot is being featured over on the new The Clutch Guide blog. Ahhhh! Another blog to love?! You bet! Hop over and subscribe to the clutch guide's online publication. You don't want to miss all the cool giveaways they have lined up this month!

If you're not local - not to fear. There is an online version of the magazine so you can enjoy all the goodies, too! Check out my shoot, it starts on page 37.

Okay I feel like I am sounding like a commercial. But really... I am proud. And I am honored. And I really, really think everyone who picks up this magazine is going to genuinely enjoy the time they spend perusing the pages. :)

wanna buy 5 copies for my mother! | published

I have been waiting SO LONG to write this blog post! I teased a little bit on facebook here and there... not to be mean, but because I was SQUEALING on the inside and I really couldn't SAY what was going on......... until now! Friends... this may be one of my biggest accomplishments to date. I am extremely proud and excited to share with you that I had some of my work published in O Magazine. As in, The Oprah Magazine. Yes. I am still trying to process the whole thing myself... so, so surreal.

As I mentioned previously, I had the lovely opportunity to photograph Kim Sorenson from the Omniterrum located in downtown Lynchburg. She was a treat to photograph and her globes... oh the globes! Amazing collectibles... I am already intrigued enough by historical maps, but putting them on globes just makes the experience of traveling with your fingers so much more gratifying!

I posted about some of my pictures of Kim being published in the June issue of Bella Magazine. That was super exciting for me! But, when O magazine contacted me about using some of Kim's recent head shots for a feature they were doing on her, I was beyond thrilled and a little bit in shock. :) Not to mention SO excited for Kim as well!

Okay, so enough about my shock and awe... check out the evidence for yourself... and go find a copy to read the article about Kim!