2014 Goal Setting, Pt. 2

So yesterday I wrote about all the things I experienced and learned in 2013. There were a lot more - obviously - but I did keep some things private. :) Continuing with Lara’s Powersheets, today I am moving on to the next steps of the Goal Setting process: Defining my word for 2014 and Deciding what my Radical Goals will be. As I make the list of goals, I am thinking about big goals that require a lot of small steps. But these are steps I plan to start making today. I don’t know that I will achieve all of the big goals this year, but making small steps throughout the year gets me closer than I am today. And that’s what I’m all about! 

So, first. My word for 2014 is LESS.

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Merry Christmas 2013

I hope everyone that reads this was able to wake up to a warm, cozy home full of peace, love, and joy this morning. I hope you are surrounded by loved ones and will feel the true love of Christ in your heart and your surroundings today. 

"He came not to a throne, but to a manger.
He lived not as a king, but as a servant.
He chose not an earthly kingdom, but a cross.
He gave not just a little, but everything."

Here's our family Christmas card we mailed out this year. They went out a little late, so this may be a spoiler for some of you who haven't received them yet. Ah well, better late than never!

Merry Christmas, Friends!

From our family to yours: Thank you for the many ways you blessed our family this year. We're looking forward to creating more memories with you in 2014 and we can't see what God has planned for those whose paths we will have the pleasure of crossing!

P.S. Check back next week for the kick-off to our First Annual Best-Of Contest!!