2013 Best-Of Contest - Winners!!

Y'all!!! THANK YOU so much!! I can't believe what a huge hit the contest turned out to be! I am DEFINITELY doing this annually... so you can warm up those voting fingers now for 2014!! :)

So... the contest was a close one! Sort of... LOL! 

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2014 Goal Setting, Pt. 2

So yesterday I wrote about all the things I experienced and learned in 2013. There were a lot more - obviously - but I did keep some things private. :) Continuing with Lara’s Powersheets, today I am moving on to the next steps of the Goal Setting process: Defining my word for 2014 and Deciding what my Radical Goals will be. As I make the list of goals, I am thinking about big goals that require a lot of small steps. But these are steps I plan to start making today. I don’t know that I will achieve all of the big goals this year, but making small steps throughout the year gets me closer than I am today. And that’s what I’m all about! 

So, first. My word for 2014 is LESS.

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