2014 Goal Setting, Pt. 2

So yesterday I wrote about all the things I experienced and learned in 2013. There were a lot more - obviously - but I did keep some things private. :) Continuing with Lara’s Powersheets, today I am moving on to the next steps of the Goal Setting process: Defining my word for 2014 and Deciding what my Radical Goals will be. As I make the list of goals, I am thinking about big goals that require a lot of small steps. But these are steps I plan to start making today. I don’t know that I will achieve all of the big goals this year, but making small steps throughout the year gets me closer than I am today. And that’s what I’m all about! 

So, first. My word for 2014 is LESS.

Less STUFF. Less commitments, less spending, less on my plate, less wasted time, less conflict, less confusion, less time spent worrying, less tears, less anxiety.

Tommy and I talked about this and after our discussion I put together the little graphic below. I plan to print and frame this in our home before the end of January so we can see it all year long.


With my WORD in mind, here are my radical goals for 2014 (and the first 3 small steps to achieving them):

To have a stronger marriage (LESS self)

  1. Say "yes" when Tommy asks me to go hiking with him. (This is sooooo hard.... I'm not even kidding.)
  2. Cook dinner 4x/wk to help ease Tommy's stress during his work week. 
  3. Pray for Tommy daily.

To have a stronger relationship with Jesus

  1. Download and Install the YouVersion app and pick a reading plan to read daily.

  2. Make this app the first app opened on my phone each morning.

  3. Read through half of the Bible in 2014.

To be a light to my family

  1. Turn my computer off at 6:30pm (and put cell phone on charger in back room) daily to ensure 100% focus when we are all at home together.
  2. Pray for Tommy and Sunday daily.
  3. Talk to Tommy and Sunday about what God is teaching me.

To stress less about work

  1. Set work boundaries:
    1. Turn off all social media and email notifications on my phone.
    2. Take one day completely off of work (Sunday): no shooting, office work, emails, nothing.
    3. Add a line to my email signature about my office hours and how to reach me in an emergency.
  2. Pray about the work head of me when I sit down to  my desk each day.
  3. Outsource more and hire more help so my business can continue to grow without stretching me anymore than it already does. 

To be a light to my clients

  1. Pray for every couple at the time of wedding booking and before I walk into their wedding day.
  2. Do my best to ensure every interaction with my clients is positive and encouraging.
  3. Be more transparent on my blog about my everyday life with struggles and triumphs. (Post goal updates.)

To be a good friend

  1. Send Happy Birthday emails - even if they are only 2-3 sentences. Tell my friends I love them.
  2. Pray for one friend every day. (Add this to my “Daily Goals” app.)
  3. Listen more and talk less.

To live with less

  1. Pray for wisdom and clarity about what truly is a need vs. a want so that when I am in a store, I will have the wisdom to make the best decision about a purchase.
  2. Aim to go to the grocery store no more than two times a week. (We go almost 4x/wk on average right now and the grocery store is where I spend the most of my money, hands down. It’s really easy for me to justify “healthy food.”)
  3. Complete a personal 30 day spending freeze (In March, perhaps? That tends to be the time of year I spend a lot because I am so miserable from being inside all winter that I have a strong desire to spend money and redecorate our home.)

To find a way to bring in supplemental income from work I have already done

  1. Start praying about this. I have no idea what this looks like. A photo book? Stock photography? 
  2. Read one business book per quarter and download thoughts to journal.
  3. Make appointments with 2-3 other entrepreneurs  to talk about this. Get their opinion/feedback.
20131014_081 - Copy.jpg

I know that looks like a lot, but it's just LIFE. It's mostly a lot more praying and a lot less focus on ME. Almost all of these are small habits I want to start implementing in my life and I know big changes take small steps and a lot of God's help. I am excited to have such intention and direction at the start of this year. This is the first time I've felt in my heart that I am ready and willing to work towards these goals in an intentional way. My family is oh-so-important to me and I want to enjoy them at all times. I want to stop wasting time and start being even more intentional about how I live my life. 

Here are ten action steps I plan to take RIGHT NOW to start reaching my 2014 goals:

  1. Turn off all notifications on my cell phone for all apps except the phone ring and text messaging.
  2. Add a line to my email signature about office hours and how to reach me in case of an emergency.
  3. Turn my computer OFF - like legitimately OFF - at 6:30pm every night. Keep it OFF on Sundays.
  4. Create a "Non-Negotiable" calendar in google calendar and schedule NO work days in 2014 (Sundays + vacation). DO NOT CHANGE THESE DATES.
  5. Add 4 dates on my blog calendar to review and post a status of my goals throughout the year.
  6. Add "Pray for Tommy, Sunday, and one friend" to my Daily Goals app on my phone. Then pray.
  7. Download and Install the YouVersion app and pick a Bible reading plan to follow along with.

  8. Print and hang the "Less" image above. (Even if I just post it on the fridge. Done is better than perfect!)

  9. Put "30 Day Spending Freeze" Start and Finish dates on my google calendar.

  10. Download Self-Control app to block all internet access on my computer after 6:30PM daily. This will hold me accountable to turning the computer OFF.

So that's that! Let's see how this goes! 

What are some of your new years resolutions or 2014 goals?? I'd really love to hear!!